Seven songs written by A.I that suck less than techno

Over the last few years, Computer Scientists have been writing programs designed to create original music, based on a technique known as “machine learning“.

These “machine learning” algorithms vary in their respective methods; some analyse certain attributes like melodies and the lyrical content of a bunch of selected songs then mix them all together to create a new original track; whereas some rely on the mathematical nature of musical theory to create new musical scores.

Anyway, they’re all more intelligent and pleasing to the ear than club bangers.

  1. Daddy’s Car: “written” by “Flow Machine”, which sampled a bunch of Beatles songs to create an original new track.

2. “Christmas”. Probably my favourite of the lot. This was made by “Neural Story” that analysed tunes and lyrics of popular Xmas songs as well as imagery (yep photos) of Xmas. I can’t wait to set up a front-yard Xmas display featuring  decapitated reindeer with this blaring out of a megaphone. Creepy as all fuck.


3. “Mr. Shadow”, written by the same algorithm that created “Daddy’s Car”. It sounds like an old American folk song, then floats off into an acid trip (check out the Flow Machines website for more examples)

4. “Fugue” by Emily Howell, who/which is a program written by American music professor David Cope. This is a piece written for two pianos.

5.”Omusic 01″ was composed by a program called “Melonics109”; the creation of computer scientist Francisco Vico from the University of Malaga in Spain.

6. “Iamus”, also created by Francisco Vico, is Melonics109’s classical counterpart. A lowly human plays the score of “Alphard” on a clarinet.


7.”Irene of Thessalonkiki” is a song automatically composed by Jukedeck‘s A.I composition system. Jukedeck focuses on creating musical scores for movies and advertisements and is being broadly used. According to Jukedeck’s blog:

“People have made nearly 1 million tracks on our site, tens of thousands of YouTube videos have used our music, from cat videos to massive YouTube stars”… and “Brands like Coca Cola have used Jukedeck for their music”


Leave a comment about which one/s you liked the most.

Author: intNerdThings

Writer of iNT.

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