The Rise of the Machines?

I’ve heard about the wonder that is Google’s – an artificial intelligence (AI) based program that can supposedly decipher basic drawings. From Google’s P.R department:AutoDraw is a new kind of drawing tool. It pairs machine learning with drawings from talented artists to help everyone create anything visual, fast.

Well fast it is, but accurate? Not so very. Armed with four cans of beer and a trackpad, I thought I’d give it a try. I was in some ways impressed, in some ways not. Please note that in the spirit of fairness, I have chosen to post the algorithm’s first semi-accurate guess next to my inebriated touchpad-drawn doodles.

In conclusion, I believe that I have demonstrated that the T-1000‘s advanced cybernetic brain’s capabilities are no match for a human’s grey-matter blob fuelled by a blood alcohol reading of 0.09 percent.

Test 1: common structures

Inebriated human’s drawing: common post-industrialisation human abode

autodraw house - anebriated human

Google’s best guess: primitive hut fronted by a clear sheet of perspex. 

autodraw house - teepee fronted with a piece of perspex

Winnerinebriated human. The T1000 obviously wouldn’t be able to tell which millenium it had landed in.

Test 2: Common Earth fauna.

Inebriated human’s drawing: My cat Sheera

autodraw cat - inebriated human

Google’s’s best guess: piglet

autodraw cat - piglet

Winner: inebriated human again.

Test 3: Vehicles and Transportation

Inebriated human’s drawing: An obvious farm tractor

autodraw tractor - inebriated human

Google’s best guess: hipster building

autodraw tractor - building

Winner: human again. Somehow I think that the highway chase scene in T2 wouldn’t last very long.

Test 4: Identifying John Connor. Primary Target. Leader of the Human Resistance.

Inebriated human: Near-photographic representation of John Connor.

autodraw - john connor inebriated human

Google’s err…….

autodrawjohn connor - mushroom

Winner: It is clear that when Skynet becomes self aware, mushroom farmers are in the most immediate danger.

Author: intNerdThings

Writer of iNT.

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