Happy 40th F@&$/:g Birthday Spam!

The Mercury has reported on the 40th anniversary (you read that correctly… 40 years) of the first spam email.

“Almost 40 years ago, on May 1, 1978, Gary Thuerk, a marketer for Massachusetts’ Digital Equipment Corporation, wrote the very first email advertising message to more than 400 users of the system called Arpanet, an early iteration of the Internet. He was reportedly trying to flag the attention of the burgeoning California tech community. He hit send a few days later. As you might suspect, the backlash was almost instantaneous.”

In 2017, Spam is no longer a perhaps annoying but friendly call out to like-minded tech folk, nor is it confined to the basements of University dorms. It is mostly insidious in its nature and it plagues our home computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and anything we do under the title of “social networking”. It is arguably the great grandfather of the Nigerian Prince Scam, phishing, malware and the estimated 40-to-73% of messages sent daily, counting for terabytes upon terabytes of shit clogging up the arteries (much like its mystery-meat counterpart) of our global communications networks.

Author: intNerdThings

Writer of iNT.

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